Recreating the DJTV Set From Scratch Electronically



I really liked the DJTV studio they created from real materials, so I did a screen capture of it and then broke it down in to parts and then rebuilt each part electronically.

  • The corrugated metal texture on the left side is different, I liked having the red tone on the bottom of the metal.
  • The blue vertical strip is done with a gradient, I liked it just a little lighter.
  • The plate glass window is done with another gradient and I put my logo back behind it by changing it to gray scale and then making it very transparent.
  • The large TV monitor is also redone. Notice how there is no red reflection off of Eric’s red shirt on the right side of the monitor.
  • I used a white screen for my chromakey and you can notice a very small amount of white fringe on the right side of the monitor with my shirt – but I think it works well.
  • I used my Vegas software track effects “Levels” to lighten up my face a bit more so I fit on the set better in terms of lighting.

I hope DJTV doesn’t mind me recreating their set. I think the DJTV guys have amazing products – some of them I own. If you guys at DJTV have any issues with me recreating your set let me know and I can make it look different – but I really like the way it looks now. I am totally cool about providing a link to the DJTV web site for credit.

Joel Barlow High School – Class of 1982

dave-dugdale-joel-barlow-class-of-1982For a while now I have been thinking out creating an entire web site for the my high school class – Joel Barlow High School Class of 1982 in Redding Connecticut where I grew up because Facebook came along. So I thought I should at least create one page about it on my personal blog to see if others are interest in a site like this.

I am curious what my other classmates are doing, so I figured if I wrote each persons name on this post and they find it from a Google vanity search they can add a comment below on what they are doing.

This is my year book picture on the left. Wow, I can’t remember when my hair was that dark! I remember being a junior and Mrs. Turczak my math teacher walking by my desk and said really loudly so the whole class could hear, “David Dugdale is that a gray hair I see on your head!”.

1982 Class Reunion Evite

If you are looking for the 1982 class reunion evite, click on this link.

  1. Claudia Acosta
  2. David Adams
  3. Laura Albrecht
  4. Judy Ambrogio
  5. Mellissa Arthur
  6. John Avery
  7. Sandra Bachman
  8. James Bannister
  9. Wendy Bennet
  10. Leslie Battisti
  11. John Baumbach
  12. Bob Beasley
  13. Lisette Belmont (see emailed me about a year ago)
  14. Robin Bernstein
  15. Genny Berry
  16. Sue Beyer
  17. Lisa Biagiarelli
  18. Bill Biebel
  19. Vicki Bossman

Sorry I got lazy and never finished this list. Facebook is the place to go. I think I made this page before Facebook got so big.

Vista Fonts Not Working Right In Browsers

I have a brand new HP computer and a Samsung 24 LCD monitor. The monitor is set to the native resolution.

The drivers for the NVidia 8500GT and the monitor are up to date.

Everything on the monitor looks accurate – video, the desktop – everything except the browsers IE7 and Firefox. This only happens on some web sites – mine being one of them!

Here is a screen shot of the ugly fonts.


But when you look on my wife’s HP computer/monitor it looks good like this (LCD):


This below is from my XP machine, clean (CRT):


I tried changing the Clear Type but that just made it worse.

Anyone having this issue?

I solved it when I found my CSS had a wrapper around the whole page with helvetica font. Oops my bad.

AVCHD Video Card

I own a Sony HDR-SR7 and have been using it for about 6 months.

Well the hard drive is getting full.

What I would like to do is transfer the AVCHD files (.mt2 extentsion) to a computer near my HD TV and play them back.

The only problem is even with a super fast computer and a super fast video card, playing back AVCHD does not work well.

Why can’t Sony or a video card manufacturer place the small AVCHD playback chip that is in my Sony HD camcorder on a video card?

Or why doesn’t Sony make a hard drive AVCHD playback device (similar to a TIVO).

Update: Looks like they do build a card for this now, see comment below!

[South Bend Rentals]

WordPress MySQL Scheduled Backup Warning

I thought I would share a bad experience I had yesterday with a Worpress backup plugin.

First off I am sure there is nothing wrong with the plugin, but it easily created user error on my part.

I started doing nightly backups with it several days ago and I was feeling pretty secure about it. So yesterday I thought it would be good to test a restore to boost my confidence even more.

I opened the latest version of HeidiSQL, highlighted my test database and then choose import SQL file and then ran it.

About 1/3 of the way through it created an error (something about line one that was not helpful at all). The way the script is written it drops the table first and then recreates it. When it created the error it drop the entire table and didn’t create a new one.

No problem, it was on my testing database – right? No, it was not!

Also the way the script is written it says to “use” my actual database and not the real one! Yes, user error on my part.

So, I thought let me try restoring it again from another backup. This time it worked and was going really fast at first and then started slowing down to one line per second. At that rate it might have taken a whole day to complete or more since it was continually slowing down.

So be careful with this plugin.

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